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Booking & Cancellation Policy


Our booking cancellation policy applies to bookings received by Ian King T/A Budget Airport Taxis when providing transport services to and from all UK airports. We feel it is important to provide a booking and cancellation policy to our customers because it provides clarification. We enter in to a contract with our customers to provide them with a service as set out in their booking arranged with us. This contract extends to any additional services requested upon arrival and during the customers journey. This is directly related to us providing a safe and reliable service to all customers booking our services. This means that if, in providing you with a service, which was not requested at the time of booking the driver would be late for his/her next booking the request could be declined. All drivers and operators are bound to the terms and conditions set down by the licensing authority which granted their license.

We promise under this contract to provide the customer with safe and appropriate transport for their needs. The condition and types of vehicles are also set down by the licensing authority and as a result all operators with Budget Airport Taxis are fully licensed and insured as per their licensing authorities conditions.

During the booking process we reserve the right to request full or partial payment to provide our services, which is normally the case where drivers are required to travel more than 30 miles from our base. For the purposes of a base area we would identify Glasgow Airport as the centre point of our base area as this is our main operational area. The request for full or partial payment is completely at the discretion of Budget Airport Taxis. However if partial payment is requested we would normally request the fee to be 50% or the fuel and basic running cost of the journey, whichever is greater. Full or partial payment can be paid in various ways either by cash, credit or debit card via a secure third-party portal like paypal, sum up or stripe, or by bank transfer.

Where a partial payment or in cases where no payment has been taken the customer promises to pay the remaining cost of the journey upon journey completion. The refunding of any prior payment is covered in our cancellation policy section below.  

Bookings can be made by referring to the contact information provided in our booking information page. Alternatively if you would like to make an online booking please go to our online booking portal.


Our cancellation policy has been produced to be as clear, concise and short as possible to allow customers the opportunity to quickly and easily read it.

Cancellations can be made at anytime up until the commencement of the booking. However please be aware that it is our policy to charge a cancellation fee if the booking is cancelled within certain conditions. These conditions are split in to two categories and are based upon the time and distance it takes the driver to get to the pick up point from the base (Glasgow Airport). This is based on an ordinary day with moderate traffic conditions. The time and distance conditions are set out below:

Pick up points less than 30 miles from Glasgow Airport

10 minutes prior to arrival or after arrival cancellation = 50% of the journey cost

Pick up points 30-100 miles from Glasgow Airport

30 minutes prior to arrival = 50% of journey cost

After arrival cancellation = 100% of the journey cost

Pick up points 100 + miles from Glasgow Airport

91 min + = No Cancellation Charge

31-90 min = 50% of journey cost

0-30 min = 75% journey cost

After Arrival Cancellation = 100% of journey cost

In cases where full or partial payment of the journey has been made already the remainder of the payment after the cancellation charge is deducted will be refunded. Refunds will be processed using the same means by, which payment was paid.

Please also be aware that we do take into consideration all conditions, which lead to cancellation. As a result the cancellation fee can be waived or reduced provided it is within reason for example emergencies, flight cancellations etc. We try at all times to be realistic with our cancellation policy as our aim is customer satisfaction. A cancellation policy which is not flexible is not in the interest of good customer relations.

Updated 13/03/2022