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Here at Budget Airport Taxis we have now launched our new booking service apps. In partnership with the developer and booking service provider Gazoop we are bringing customers the ability to download our new smartphone apps.

The apps are available for both iOS on the App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store. The apps work by downloading then scanning our unique QR code using the app. This will allow customers to link their app specifically to our business via the app service. We will provide links to the apps in the app stores and instructions on how to set them up below.


Please bear in mind these apps are specific to companies already on the platform. To use them you must either have used a company on the platform previously and have a mobile number registered in the system or you are required to scan the QR code. I will set out some instructions below to help customers to download, register and book successfully.

If you find it easier to book on the website you can find our new booking page by clicking here or a link to it from our existing booking page.





  1. Click on the relevant app store logo or the web app link above to go to the store to download and install the Gazoop.it app.
  2. Once downloaded you can open the app, allow it to use your location and click on the box with the 4 white corners in the top left of the screen. This will open the QR code scanner on the application.
  3. Use the applications QR code scanner to scan the QR code below.
  4. gazoop qr
  5. This will add Budget Airport Taxis to you fleet list on your app screen.
  6. If you have booked previously with us and have registered a mobile number this will take you to the maps screen where you can book a vehicle.
  7. If you are a new customer you will be asked to input your mobile number to receive a verification text. Once you have verified your mobile number you will be taken to the map screen where you can place your booking.


  1. When the app is open on the maps page you will see the blue coloured “Place Order Here” bar at the bottom of the page. Click on this blue bar to place your booking.
  2. If you find your location is not accurate then press the location icon on screen just above the zoom icons at the bottom of the maps screen.
  3. This will make your location more precise however if it is not exact don’t worry as you can input your address on the next screen.
  4. Next will be the booking information screen where you can input your total passengers, number of cases and your vehicle type. Please note that unfortunately we do not have access to wheelchair accessible vehicles.
  5. If you require a vehicle right away please ensure your pick up address is correct, add in your drop off address and any notes for the driver. Click price estimate and you will receive the estimate cost of your journey. You can then proceed to send the job to our booking system or abandon your booking session
  6. If you require a vehicle at a later time please input the pick up date and time and click check availability. This will present you with the pick up and drop off address confirmation page. Make sure all the details are correct then click to get a price estimate.
  7. Again you can choose to accept and send the job to the booking system or you can abandon the booking process.
  8. If you have sent the job to the system then all you have to do is wait for your vehicle to arrive. Vehicles can be tracked near the time your booking is required and you will receive a text and/or email to confirm your booking and when your driver has been dispatched.

If you have any further queries or issues using the system please feel free to call/text or WhatsApp us at 07877411931 where we can provide immediate help and support. If your query or issue is non urgent please feel free to also call us on the mobile number or email to as for booking support at budgetairporttaxis@outlook.com


Updated 05/02/22