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This is our Updates page which will show anything we feel is relevant to our business and our site visitors.

Budget Airport Taxis December 2020 Update

So at the moment we do not have to much to update. We hope all our customers and their families are staying safe during this coronavirus pandemic. We hope you have all had as good a Christmas as can be expected at this challenging time? We look forward to an improved situation in 2021 and wish all our customers a good new year when it arrives.

Glasgow Airport has taken the opportunity to increase drop off and pick up charges to £4 from £2. This change was implemented on the 4th December 2020 and is out of our hands. Unfortunately we are required, unless we wish to risk a fine, to drop off and pick up at the dedicated area. We urge anyone unhappy regarding this to contact the airport directly with their views.

We were thinking of increasing prices slightly in line with inflation this new year. However due to the current financial climate we will be holding our current fares until at least the summer of 2021. The only exception to this is for the pick up and drop off charges and the meet and greet charge.

We thank all our customers and website visitors for their continued support in to 2021

Budget Airport Taxis January 2020 Update

Currently we have opted to update some of our prices and these have been updated on our pricing page. There is no major pricing update at this time and the increase has only affected a selected small number of routes. The reason for this is mainly to take in to account small changes in the original mileage estimates used to price the routes. It also takes in to account the added time it take. to travel some other selected routes mainly those in rural areas.

The only other update we have at the moment is the addition of web pages providing coverage for some of our most popular routes. This allows us to provide target information for these areas showcasing our services on a more local level.

Further to these updates we are aware of issues with our site being unavailable at points. This seems to be limited to early mornings and is currently being investigated by our hosting provider. We may need to move to another provider but this would be a seamless operation and can be completed within an hour. This would prevent unnecessary down time for the website and prevent customer inconvenience. If we have to explore this option we would add an update at a later date to let our users know.

May 2019 Update

Sister Website Launch

We have now launched our sister website Budget Airport Private Hire. We launched it as a one page website under construction page last month. We have now worked on it and updates different aspects of the site to provide more information on our services. Primarily both websites will do the same job but will have differing content on them allowing us an opportunity to reach more potential customers.

At the moment we are doing well but with one eye on the future and the further expansion of our business both websites will allow us to target a wider range or areas. Primarily our main source of business is online with a little bit of advertising but the lunch of this new site allows us to continue our focus online. We believe that the internet is a powerful tool and along with traditional advertising and publicity a new website allows us to focus our attention on expanding to a wider online audience. We never really know what the future holds for us but as they say “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

April 2019 Update

Booking System Update

Following continued problems with our booking system we have switched back to our previous system. We are back using our simple online booking form which will notify us when someone has sent a booking request. We will then get back to customers as soon as we can but usually this will be within 2 hours.

SSL Certificate

Once again we have opted to purchase an SSL certificate for the next two years instead of one. The security of our customers information is of the utmost importance to us. Even though our booking system has reverted back to the old system and we no longer take card payment through the website we still believe a certificate is worth while.

It continues to provide the security encryption required to protect customers details when they are entered online. This means anything that is sent to us whether it be a name and address or credit card details in the future will all be securely encrypted. If you wish to view our certificate information please click here.

January 2019 Update

Our new prices are now live as of 1st of January 2019. To view our updated prices please head over to our prices page.

 New Service Introduced

We have now introduced our new accompanied tours service with an aim of making it easier for people to see Scotland especially if they are on a tight schedule. The new service targets those who are coming to Scotland or other parts of the UK via Glasgow Airport.

The new service will consist on a driver and his/her vehicle being available to the party who use the service for a prearranged period while they stay in the UK. The service basically works by allowing people to book a car and driver for their transport needs while here in the UK.

The driver will transport the customers based on a route provided or agreed upon before their arrival. The driver will be with the customer for the whole period and will offer a tailored transport solution to customers who do not wish to spend time booking hire cars, buses, trains etc. The customer will either send us their required route and stop offs or they can submit to us where they wish to go. From here we will arrange or suggest the most appropriate routes and stops based on the information provided.

This will result in the customers and driver travelling over a planned route where the customer can stop at attractions, take photographs and will be taken to their choice of accommodation. It will allow customers who are especially short of time to book a car for one, two, three or in some cases more than 3 days.

Over these days the driver will take the customer where they wish to go and will also stop over night in the areas with the customers too. However our drivers may not be accommodated in the same accommodation due to prices unless the customer specifically requests this. If further information for this service is required then please feel free to contact us via our contact form with all the details for your trip so we can put a route map together along with a price.

May 2018 Update

Car Park 2 Pick Up and Drop Off

Glasgow Airport have once again changed the parking arrangement for car park 2. Zone D, which is our preferred meeting point has now been marked out with 1H parking bays and the £2 for 10 min pick up has now been removed. The minimum cost is now £3 for 20 min minimum.

To avoid an increase of £1 in our prices we will now be picking up zones A and B (Red and Blue) as this area is still £2 for 10 min pick up time.

Alternatively customers can still be picked up and dropped off at Zone D but an additional £1 each way will be added to the cost of the journey.

Meet and Greet service can still be provided as before and the cost for this still remains the same at £6.

Budget Airport Taxis April 2018 Update

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

We have now put together and published our privacy policy which accounts for the EU’s new GDPR legislation related to privacy. This legislation is important and after Brexit the legislation will still be contained in British statue. As a result it will still apply to all areas where customers share data. This means everywhere consumer information is collected or processed there has to be appropriate policies in place.

This means companies should be protecting customer data at every opportunity as securely as possible. We are in the process of auditing to ensure we can comply with this legislation. We do not share customer data with third parties except those we subcontract to provide transport on our behalf.

Please feel free to check back for updates on a regular basis. Please remember this legislation is due to become law on the 25th May 2018.

Further information is available by searching through google for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Alternatively you can click this link to the Information Commissioner’s Office which provides further information on this change.

Live Bookings

Following the addition of our SSL certificate to our site we have now been able to bring a new booking widget to our bookings page. This will allow customers to book directly to our system with real-time availability and card payments handled via Stripe. At the moment we will be using it for a trial period to see if it is suitable and to check its functionality.